Blacktown Councils Bold NEW vision for Riverstone

Even BIGGER things to come in the Riverstone pipeline !

It’s been revealed this week that developers have a BOLD vision to breathe life back into Riverstone’s main hub, Now looking to build HIGH RISE buildings of up to 20 storeys adjacent to Riverstone train station.

The master plan now proposed contains four (4) different options which potentially could transform Riverstone’s hub forever, Taking it from a semi-rural “country feel” suburb to a modern city center.

Ultimately they have proposed to make Riverstone its “main service center for the north-west”,
To do this they have acknowledged some things will need to be upgraded including the library and notably the swimming center which may be moved completely under plans detailed in one of the 4 proposals.

Some residents may be concerned that Riverstone will lose its semi-rural roots in the changing times but rest assured Blacktown council has been very clear their aim is to retain as much of Riverstone’s country feel as possible.

Blacktown Council ARE letting the residents have their say on the matter however, Everyone has the opportunity to cast their vote on which direction they allow the ambitious developers to take with the Riverstone project.

You Can Put your 2 cents in Here :

The master plan itself is currently on exhibition at Riverstone Marketplace & Blacktown Council Chambers for public viewing-

The Riverstone draft master plan proposes four options:

1. THE HUB, consolidating growth around a town centre
2. THE MAIN STREET, an idea which will retain the classic “country” feel of Riverstone
3. THE PRECINCTS, organised into different retail and community areas
4. ‘ADDITIONAL CONCEPTS’, includes moving the swimming pool and development up to 20 storey’s at two key sites near the railway station

MJ Group Real Estate will be following this development closely and will have up to date information readily available for anyone wishing to learn more.

If you are interested just shoot us a message, give us a call, and like us on Facebook where we will be sharing any updates which become available to us.

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Blacktown Councils Bold NEW vision for Riverstone